My Koo!!!

Two years down the time and here I am again presenting myself facing this wall post of shame of me being an annoying child man 2 years ago homaigoodness. To those who are here now there were actually ultra horrible posts that will immediately change your freaking perspective towards the Billy you knew given how LOW it already can be. 

Anyhoo, today is the day where we celebrate intelligence, awesomeness, humor, kindness, and lunatism...Everything being directed to the one figure I never regret knowing and becoming one of my best brother and best pren ----> KAR CHUN KOO. I dont simply call people bro as it is a hard responsible ahead. But I would love to use it on Karchun!!! It is his birthday yesterday and I figured I would've conclude our little friendship so far and may it continue to yield manny manny years ahead. =D

The story between karchun and I were epic actually just like any other story. It first started off with meeting with a feeling of just another acquaintance I will know, will soon be changing only to find out that we gon be COURSEMATES!!! We sort of stick to each other and got each other's back since we were both from the same shitty place I use to stay. Long story short the brudderhood stick together till now. :D

Here's one of our very first picture together!!!

Horribly sleepy as usual while my hero next to me persevere!!! 

 This picture according to Karchun : Sleepiness is contagious

The many face of Karchun and Billy

 Dumb things we do

Funny story to be told. The first few times of Karchun and I were walking around he is being as nice as always and will be waiting for me to finish up before going somewhere while the last time I didnt appreciate much. 

Nowadays he dont even wait!!! T.T He'll just be like, 

KC : Hey, you going yet?
Me : No you go ahe...(sentence yet to finish)
KC : Bye(speed of light didnt even look back)
Me :  

Jokes aside. Karchun are the few that were oddly to be sure to say it, in sync with me. We laugh at each other's joke even sometimes the outsider will find it hard as someone normal like Karchun is actually enjoying my company lololol. We enjoy each other's company very much as of our topic of conversation ranges to technologies to even randomest gossip about surroundings. He is one individual that is so patient and so open minded that he wouldnt judge me for if i said the most retarded thing right in front of him. All the nights of me emo to him or he emo to me are the nights I wont forget. 

We have gone through so much together in Uni life all the way from first year till now and his intelligence and perseverance very much often inspires me to the core. All the activities and fucked up coursework we have been in together and shit. It's very hard to describe my feeling when often i reflect our sleepless night together, all the shitty work, awesome outings, It's really not easy to have a partner in crime for a lot of thing. But thank God. I actually found mine =====> Karchun Koo

Camwhore during lectures. #howwedo


So who sleeps a lot now huh? Teehee 

On and off I am seriously grateful that my uni life is blemishly blessed with your presence Karchun!!! All our time spent together are not going to be in vain as there WILL be many many good years coming. =) . Once again macha. 

Happy Birthday brother. 

Karchun Koo - December baby - Suvin's boypren - Billy's bestpren hehe

And here's some glossary of my uttermost creativity


Merdeka Day

I havent watch merdeka parade for sooo long that i ve even forgotten when s my first time watching it.Became more and more antisosial eversince.Bluek.

Ahahaha,credits on high expectation asian father tumbler Bluek

Life is fergile.Handle with prayer.


Its when u r away from her then u realized how important she is to you.We are not even 20 min of drive away.For not the laundry and even the delicious food.Its something more important called....

Cant help but to express...I LOVE YOU MUMMY.For who u are!!!!!!!!

Off to studies.

Cout::"Damn You"

I speak English,not some F-ed up computer language.F man!!!!
I still love the movie thou.Going back to my programming now.Chiao~

The Power of Majority

Though how much u hated it!U still cant beat the power of majority,end up you just have to go with the flow cuz its always easier.Darn i totally feel like a refugee who is trying to find his way in um.#Though how lame the joke is,though how awkward the scene goes,though how annoying human can become.u just gotta SMILEZ u way thru.

A little less whining,a little more FAKING!!!!!

Cant help but started to get total EMO.


Feed the Fish

Just that u know,the next time anyone accidentally bump in to my Gensokyou,Dont just scroll down the page and press the x button on the right.Take some time to feed the fish a little bit.Listen to some nice music and stuff.

Does it make a difference?



Piano Exam Song

It'd be nice if they make this song compulsary for piano exam...